Yoga Master Sound Therapy Singing Bowl

The Yoga Master is a professional traditional Nepalese therapy singing bowl used for sound healing. It is made out of 7-metals alloy. The bowl has a unique aesthetic appearance and is rich in symbolism. Yogi with seven chakra symbols is depicted on the inside of the bowl.  Traditional motifs are etched on the outside of the bowl. At the backside of the bowl is the flower of life.

Bowl Material: Bronze

Variations: 3

Striker: Red drumstick

MeasuresImperial SizeMetric Size
Bowl Rim Diameter18”, 19”, 20”46 cm, 48 cm, 51 cm
Approximate Weight21 lb, 25.4 lb, 29.8 lb9.5 kg, 11.5 kg, 13.5 kg
Striker Size11”28 cm

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