Om Singing Bowl Set


The exquisite singing bowl handcrafted by artisans from Nepal. There is Om engraving on the bottom and crossed vajra etched at the back. Tibetan mantras are etched on the inside and the outside of the bowl, making this set stand out with its silk zipper bag and cushion.

Bowl Material: Brass

Box and Cushion: Silk

Striker: Hardwood and leather

MeasuresImperial SizeMetric Size
Bowl Rim Diameter4”10 cm
Approximate Weight0.8 lb360 g
Striker Size5” x 1.2” (dia)12.5 cm x 3 cm (dia)
Cushion Size3.7” (dia)9.5 cm (dia)
Zipper Bag Size5.2” (dia) x 3.5”13 cm (dia) x 9 cm

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